We are in the midst of our fall flag football and cheer season!  Our games are August 31, 9-11am at Ravenwood High School, September 7, 12-2pm at Battle Ground Academy indoor facility, September 21, 9-11am at Ensworth High School, and October 26, 9-11am at Brentwood High School.  Email  traci@1team1goal.org to sign up your player or cheerleader! 

1Team1Goal Dance performed at Opryland at a dance competition on Saturday, March 30.  WE GOT 1st PLACE!!!

Our big Music City Allstars dance recital was on May 18 at Tennessee Performing Arts Center, downtown Nashville.  We had 1,200 people in attendance and brought the house down!  (we got a standing ovation!).  For info on signing up for the 2019/2020 dance year email traci@1team1goal.org


Check out this great video that we played right before our dance team performed in front of a 1,200+ audience on May 25, 2018.  This video explains our 1Team1Goal program.

About Us

Our staff & volunteers


We have an amazing staff that helps coordinate peer role models for our special needs children and adults to play football, cheer, and dance.

For our dance program we pair with Music City AllStars.  We have dance class at MCAS' studio every Wednesday, September through May, and then we perform at TPAC for MCAS' recital.  

Our 4 football teams and our cheer teams partner with Battle Ground Academy, Brentwood High School, Ravenwood High School, and Nolensville High School to play our games.

We take our volunteers to the YMCA's Full Circle program to help assist in their special needs soccer, basketball, and softball games throughout the year.

Our history


1Team1Goal was officially started 7 years ago when Traci Semptimphelter and Karen Dudas partnered with Brentwood Blaze Football to put on "Athletes for Autism Day" at Crockett Park.  The thought was that all children needed to be a part of a "team", and that someone should have a "goal" to provide these opportunities.

Unofficially, the idea for 1Team1Goal started 35 years ago, when Traci became involved in her Waterloo, Iowa's high school program, Gateway, that mentored special needs children and adults.  She became very close with Doug Sturch, who was born with Down Syndrome.

After college and while working for a wheelchair and medical supply company, Traci lived with and cared for a quadriplegic woman.  When she was 25 years old, she was a licensed respite foster parent for two girls.  Traci then moved to Nashville where she was a professional cheerleader for 3 years, did some modeling and acting for 4 years, and then coached cheer and dance for more than 6 years.

She is now married to Scott, who was a professional football player for 8 years, and has coached for more than 20 years.  They have 3 children, Nick, Graci, and Cross.  They adopted Cross from Guatemala at 6 months old, and when he was 2 he was diagnosed with autism. Because of autism, they now all have extensive training in behavior therapy, especially Graci; she was trained to be Cross' peer role model.  Graci is now in 10th grade and has been a 1Team1Goal peer role model for Lily  for 7 years (see 1st picture on our home screen to see Graci and Lily).  Graci has helped grow 1Team1Goal with Traci by recruiting special needs people (sometimes walking up to special needs people in restaurants and explaining 1T1G's program), as well as training typical children and adults how to be peer role models.  The life lessons that 1Team1Goal's volunteers get is just as important as how 1Team1Goal impacts those that have special needs.

Traci, Graci, Scott, Nick and Cross live  just south of Nashville, TN, and visit Iowa every year to see Traci's family, friends, and special friend, Doug Sturch.

Traci understands the importance of a team and working toward a goal.  She is an advocate for children with special needs, consults many parents of special needs children, and along with Graci, they have dedicated themselves to grow the 1Team1Goal program to help as many children as they can.

Through Traci and Graci's compassion, leadership, and guidance, 1Team1Goal is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with special needs, financial needs, social needs, and psychological needs. 

Our mission


To provide a positive experience for athletes with special needs to be a part of a team, whether that be football, cheer, or dance.  We strive to promote mental, physical, and spiritual development through team building with 1:1 typical peer role models.  Our #1 goal is to build friendships through team work. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and provide uniforms. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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